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EcoShepherd is a successful distributer of quality eco-friendly products. With an aim to better the worlds environment through ground-breaking biodegradable, waste degrading technology.

It is unique that our natural, biodegradable world class bacterial, enzyme and eco-friendly cleaning and chemical products are manufactured based on South African soil cultures. Our products have a natural home ground performance advantage allowing them to metabolize faster, reproduce quicker, degrade waste more efficiently, and survive for longer.

“Why buy expensive imported products if I can get a better performing local product, even save money over chemicals, and support our local economy?”


WE NOW Avoid costly exchange rates, shipping charges, provide superior products to our clients while saving them money.This has now made green cleaning products a completely viable cost alternative and performance improvement over traditional harsh chemicals.

Word Definitions: eco-friendly chemicalsbacterialprobioticmicrobial and enzyme products

Our Approach

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These enzyme and green cleaning products are based on the stringent requirements, guarantees our enzyme and green cleaning products are manufactured to the highest international standards while having no negative impact on the environment

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