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 Environmentally friendly cleaning products manufactured and supplied in South Africa. Ecoshepherd supplies for the major cleaning, hygiene, chemical and facilities management companies. Ecoshepherd environmentally friendly cleaning products South Africa are associated with the global leaders in environmentally friendly cleaning products. It is our desire to strive to develop, manufacture and supply our South African environmentally friendly cleaning products that are unsurpassed in cleaning and hygiene efficacy. Our environmentally friendly cleaning products far surpass traditional harsh cleaning chemicals, without compromising the environment. 

 1) Septic Digester & Drain Lines: 

Naturally occurring enzyme producing microbes and bacteria for effective septic tank, drain line, blocked pipe, tanks and leach drain treatment.. 

2) 50 clean (multipurpose)

• Pet Spill Odour Eliminator . Bio enzyme agent for pet spill odour elimination. 

3) Virus Digester & Germ Digester

Food & Feed Transport : Food and feed truck cleaner and disinfectant. 

• Horse Stables  : Horse stable cleaner and disinfectant. 

Poultry Farming : Poultry & chicken farm cleaner and disinfectant. Breeder farms, layers, broilers, hatcheries 

Dairy, Beef & Cattle Dairy, beef and cattle farm cleaner and disinfectant.. 

• Pig Farming : Pig farming cleaner and disinfectant. breeding, farrowing and fattening units 

• Veterinary ClinicsVeterinary clinic cleaner and disinfectant. For the prevention of cross‐ contamination between patients, especially in the case of canine parvovirus infection