Eco Friendly Housekeeping, Kitchen & Laundry Chemical Products. Ecoshepherd supplies cost effective enzyme, bacterial, probiotic and microbial products and eco-friendly chemicals in South Africa for the major blue chip companies per key sector in South Africa and the world. Ecoshepherd’s natural eco products guarantee a healthier environment while being safer for humans and animals. Ecoshepherd environmentally friendly products are extremely high performance and easily surpass harsh chemicals. Our products are uniquely derived from South African soil cultures for a natural home ground performance advantage – they metabolise waste faster, reproduce quicker, and survive longer. Local production avoids expensive exchange rates, our products are much greener because we avoid the high carbon footprint of importing from across the world and local production means job creation while stimulating our economy.


1.  Fab Wash– Fabric Washing Detergent

Super concentrated eco-friendly general purpose laundry cleaning liquid detergent for excellent cost in use. Reduce storage space, save on transport.

2.  Fab Soft– Fabric Softener Liquid

Super concentrated high quality eco-friendly fabric softener. Leaves fabrics with a luxurious soft feel with a pleasant lingering fragrance.

3.  Oxy-clean & 4. Oxy Wash

Oxy-clean = Pre-Soak, stain remover

Oxy wash = In-cycle, stain remover

·     Stain Remover

Highly effective powder stain remover which can is colour safe and can be used on nearly every fabric. Doesn’t harm septic systems.

·     Eco-friendly Oxygen Bleach

Eco-friendly oxygen bleach which is colour and fabric safe. Imparts an amazing pure new look to laundry, mops, cloths, rags and more.

·     Stain Removing Paste

Mix into paste form and apply to affected area of fabric. Breaks down into water and oxygen. Fabric safe..