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50 Clean cleans instantly with no contact times required. 50 Cleans good bacteria rapidly search for food and space and quickly starve the pathogens of their food source. The pathogens die and can’t build up immunity to this process. This keeps working for hours or days after application ensuring a cleaner, safer and more productive environment and is known as competitive exclusion. 50 Clean replaces detergents used for the following: floor, patio, tile, drain, ammonia, bleach, window, mirror, glass, stainless steel, kitchen, furniture, carpet, upholstery, chair, curtain, spot, bathroom, urinal, toilet, mildew, shower, bin cleaners and much more. (ALL PURPOSE CLEANER)

2 reviews for EcoShepherd 50-Clean

  1. Zeld

    ” I am so happy I changed over to Ecoshepherd. I am very impressed with their 50-clean, it has made my life 10 time easier, plus saving me on the pocket”

  2. Lionel.

    The “new” 50-Clean has a much better smell to it & leaves a pleasant odour after use.

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